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hello lovelys xo
this blog is run by Sam, Isabella & Larissa and we're here to make custom banners!
want one? click 'request a banner' in the links above!
please be patient after requesting.

Questions / Concerns? Ask us here (:
questions or concerns only, requests sent through our ask will be deleted.

You don't need to follow us for your banner to be made - but it does make us happy! We cannot follow back anymore due to the follower limit!

Once your banner has been made, you will be messaged and you'll find it posted below on our blog! Please credit us somewhere on your page after putting your banner up.

Please check our faq and please read our rules! :)
If you don't follow the rules, your request will be deleted!
We track the tag getbanners - use if it you really need our attention!


You can search for your banner tag here, as well as the words Sam,Isabella or Larissa for the banners we have made!